Paddle Board

Your Summer’s Favorite Activity

What should I bring for the paddleboarding lesson?
For each paddle boarding lesson, you may be provided Costco paddle board, or you may have to bring your paddle board yourself.  You will be given a rash-guard or wetsuit (depending on water temp) if needed.  If you need special assistance, contact the any institution before you start your journey.

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Which board is suitable to start with?
There is not much to say about which board is better. It all depends on which one you start with. Inflatable paddle board vs solid has been in a debate from quite some time. The truth is that the better you practice, the better you get, no matter which board you are using.

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What happens if their is inclement weather?
Most probably, you’ll still have a chance to practice your paddling unless there is heavy lightning or severe wind conditions. It is alright to take a day or two off from surfing. You need to give rest to your body anyway.

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